Electrical Design

MPM Engineering utilizes a 5000 sq. ft. electrical panel fabrication shop that is fully equipped to build electrical panels for your industrial operation. The fabrication shop has 3 phase power available for testing of MCC’s and VFD’s. The shop is CSA and UL certified, and it is certified for systems up to 2000 amps at 600 volts. The shop is able to accommodate operator cabs and industrial computer rooms, both for rewiring and designing from scratch.

We have experience with a wide range of MCC products and are able to assemble, configure, and supply the full package for a factory process. Some of the brands we work with include:

  • Allen-Bradley
  • Eaton / Cutler Hammer
  • Siemens
  • ABB

For many years, we have designed systems using a variety of VFD drives – from very simple setups to complex designs. Our experience in sizing, supplying and tuning VFDs spans two decades, and we are very familiar with configuring drives for ideal controlled speed profiles. For instance, we have utilized the configuration options of an Allen-Bradley 700S to perform synchronized moves between a planer board tong feeder and a lug chain. Another recent completed project is the supply and configuration of an Emerson Unidrive for control of a rotary log positioning system on a wood processing line.

  • Some of the VFD brands we have experience with include:
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Baldor
  • Toshiba
  • Mitsubishi
  • Emerson
  • ABB

We build many types of operator consoles, from the simplest button stations and lockouts to sophisticated split consoles. Our consoles can be built to the factory’s design specifications, including component requests such as button style, joystick model, or touchscreen format. Alternatively, we are able to fully spec consoles based on the most common, high quality, and locally available components. In addition to building new consoles from scratch, we are also able to recondition and refinish existing consoles, fully populated with new operator controls and touchscreens.

We have a 5000ft2 high bay shop space that allows us to accommodate the building and outfitting of operator cabins and industrial air-tight soundproof computer rooms. Cabins and rooms can be engineered by a factory and built by us, or we can design in-house and supply to the factory a fully assembled unit with integrated electrics, consoles, component mounting / shelves, storage, desks, and HVAC.

Over the years, we have found certain interfaces to hardware have either not existed or were poorly designed. As such, we have designed and manufactured a series of custom electronic interface boards for encoders, photocells and scanners – often in order to connect seamlessly with a computer system. We continue to produce many circuit boards that simplify connectivity between industrial electronics and control or computer systems.

Our electronics design team has extensive component experience and understanding, and often apply this knowledge to the repair, reconditioning, and tuning of complex electronic devices. Some of these devices include encoder resolvers, Temposonic sensors and transducer recirc cards, Allen-Bradley PLC5 QB cards, and a variety of laser scanning heads.