Log Processing

MPM Engineering has put many years of experience to work designing comprehensive log optimization solutions. We have designed software solutions for log bucking, sorting, rotation, primary breakdown, and cant optimization. Our goal is simple: to increase your productivity and yield by providing best-in-the-industry software, hardware and ongoing support for your sawmill operation.

Board Processing

MPM’s Board Optimization systems are able to scan transversely or linearly while optimizing the board for the most effective trimming and edging solution. This system supports cut-in-two, pass through (trim-only decision), bow, crook and twist. The versatility of our board optimization system allows it to be used for a variety of different saw types.

Lumber Sorter

MPM Engineering’s Lumber Sorting system is PLC-based with a Microsoft Windows interface. Our Lumber Sorting system is user friendly, easy to operate, and simple to troubleshoot. Accurate lumber dimensions are determined by the trimmer optimization system and then fed into the lumber sorting software, allowing for custom sorting.

MillEye Wood Size Inspection System

MPM’s Wood Size Inspection system measures the wood within the production process to determine if the machine is cutting on-size, or raises alarms if the deviations exceed the maximum allowable target sizes. This highly sensitive scanning technology delivers maximum accuracy, tracks machine performance, and identifies cutting tools that are not operating properly.