Lumber Sorter

MPM’s Lumber Sorting system is PLC-based with a Microsoft Windows interface. Our Lumber Sorting system is user friendly, easy to operate, and simple to troubleshoot. Accurate lumber dimensions are determined by the trimmer optimization system and then fed into the lumber sorting software, allowing for custom sorting.

This product is highly customizable and typically provides up to 32 lengths, 16 widths, 16 thicknesses, 16 grades, 16 species and 16 moisture levels – but these can be increased upon request. The user can assign a text description (such as “Grade A”) to each category that acts as a “tag specifier.” The tags are used to specify sort patterns and generate reports. Each sort pattern contains a primary sort and provision for secondary and tertiary sorts, along with a corresponding maximum piece count per package.

Some features of our Lumber Sorter are:

  • Determines the location for placing the board, considering which bins are full or disabled, and how the user has configured the decision behavior.
  • Can set any combination of board placing decision parameters (counts, lengths, widths, thicknesses, grades, species and moisture content).
  • Graphical display of bin status can be distributed to multiple displays as an HMI / SCADA in remote locations down the sorting line.
  • Fully redundant system that can operate purely on the PLC in situations where the Lumber Sorter software or PC is taken offline.
  • Supports an operating speed of 200+ lugs per minute.
  • Easily retrofits on existing sorting systems as well as installed with new machinery.

MPM’s Lumber Sorter is designed to custom integrate and accommodate any of the sawmill’s specific lumber requirements.

Operators find the Lumber Sorter system to be highly versatile and accessible; they can view the status any bin simply by hovering the mouse pointer over any particular bin or indicating via touch screen. Operators can even view data on each board in the snapshot window as the system is running, allowing for quick identification of sorting problems.